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'The Trojan Horse' demonstrates, through exclusive footage of Palestinian leaders themselves, including Yasser Arafat, that their goal remains the eradication of the Jewish state.

See never-before-seen video of Arafat calling for jihad and the total destruction of Israel.
See Arafat's spokesman explain the peace process is merely a first step toward the destruction of Israel.
See Arafat's henchmen deny the Holocaust.
See the indoctrination of young children and girls in martyrdom for his cause.

For Pierre Rehov, life only took on true meaning when he began putting it at risk. He had been a movie producer, a novelist, a journalist and a lawyer. But none of those professions satisfied his searching soul. In moments of deep personal introspection he questioned himself, “Who and what am I really?” For him, the answer came when he turned on the news on October 6, 2000, and saw the images of the shooting of Mohammed al-Dura, the 12 year-old Palestinian boy, whom Israel was summarily accused of targeting. “I was in shock,” says Rehov, who rarely watches the pro-Arab French broadcasts. “In this case, I knew as a producer that there was something very fishy about the images. The angles just weren’t right.”

The day after al-Dura was shot, there was a pro-Palestinian rally in the streets of Paris, where the participants screamed, “Death to the Jews.” Rehov was reminded of one century ago when the exact same antisemitic scene played itself out on the streets of Paris prompted by the Alfred Dreyfus trial. Rehov’s instincts told him that the death of Mohammed al-Dura was another blood libel against the Jews. “I knew that I was no Herzl, but I had to do something,” Rehov says.

Since the uprising of the second intifada Pierre Rehov has directed six major documentaries. Four of which are now available on DVD.

The proceeds from the sale of Pierre Rehov’s films go to Mr. Rehov for the continuing advancement and production of his work.
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