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Unreported World travels to Turkey to investigate honor killings, which have now reached record levels with more than 200 girls and women killed in the past year alone. The program highlights a chilling new development in which a new law outlawing honor killings may have led to a huge increase in girls being forced to commit suicide instead. Reporter Ramita Navai and Producer Matt Haan begin their journey in the south east of Turkey, an ethnically Kurdish region. They've been invited to a traditional Kurdish wedding between two 18-year-old-cousins, arranged by their families. One guest tells Navai that Kurds have their own marriage traditions, and that marriage changes the way a woman behaves. ...When a woman is accused of dishonor, a family council will decide her fate. He says that honor killings are really effective in sending out a strong message to everybody. Local women tell Unreported World that they live in constant fear and that their brothers would beat them over mere rumors. ....... Until recently, under Turkish law honor killers could get a reduced sentence by claiming provocation. However, four years ago, as part of Turkey's campaign to join the European Union, it introduced a mandatory life sentence for the crime. But the change in the law hasn't reduced the killings. Instead, as Unreported World reveals, it appears to have given rise to a sinister new twist.... ........ Ending up in Istanbul, the team finds that even the most modernized city in Turkey hasn't escaped the tradition. According to a government report, it now has one of the highest levels of honor killings in the country, with one happening every week. The Government has condemned the killings and launched a commission with the aim of reducing them. Yet, the Unreported World team see twelve cases in the press as the murders continue unabated. Author: EuroMortarAttack Keywords: Turkey honor killings unreported world channel islam muslims sharia law women brutality arranged marriages adultery allah mosque Kurds Kurdistan Istanbul Added: April 12, 2009

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