Kolyma - Siberian Gulag

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Looking back, we wonder: could Stalinism have been as bad as we feared? Kolyma answers with a resounding "yes." Exploring the legendary Siberian prison camp through interviews with survivors, vintage films and photos, and modern footage of the abandoned camp, this powerful, award-winning documentary shows how the Soviets used terror to maintain their power for most of this century. Unbelievable torture and degradations were endured daily by the 2 million men and women who died at the camp and the luckier ones who lived; you hear accounts of random executions, rapes, starvation, exposure to the Arctic temperature, and more. Director Mikheev is careful not to veer off into the realm of exploitation, keeping the viewers sympathetic to the plight of the prisoners throughout the film. Now that the cold war is over, it's important to see why it was fought; though history is written by the winners, Kolyma makes it clear that the right side won this time. --Rob Lightner
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Frank Kitman