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Link: Darfur and the Arabisation of the Nubia

About 3 centuries ago sudan had a phase of uncontrolled immigration of muslims from the arab peninsula. They have paid the price for this carelesness ever since, notleast in the last two decades where around 2 million people have died as a consequence of the gradual arabisation and islamisation. Nowhere is the double faced nature of islamic fascism more obvious than in sudan. Islamic jihad against other believers followed by a racist arab supremacism. 

Aug 2006
After centuries of persecution, Christians in Southern Sudan are desperate for their own state. But many question if the government in Khartoum will ever let the oil rich South go.
According to the peace accord, a referendum will be held to determine the South's future in 2011. The mostly Christian locals are pushing for independence from the Muslim North so that they can practice their faith in peace. In the North, they're banned from wearing crucifixes or speaking in local dialects. But with 75% of the oilfields located in the South, few expect Khartoum to relinquish control. "The North will to everything in its power to keep us second class citizens", predicts priest John Dingi Martino

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Frank Kitman