Truth About Nukes

Crossposted from Vladtepesblog
I have posted this before on Vlad a long time ago and made reference to it several times since. However with Iran so much in the news it seems like the right time to repost this rather lucid lecture on what exactly is involved in the making of a nuclear bomb. In fact, once you see this lecture, the headlines will make less sense and the negotiations more. For example, Iran’s newest proposal to trade low enriched U235 for high enriched is absurd and no one is going to accept it and you are about to learn why. However it may look to the useful idiots that the west is not being fair to Iranian concessions. Watch and enjoy and spread it around. This is the best thing I have seen so far on the subject. Also, I took 6 youtube videos and made one continuous one here on Vimeo so please feel free to embed on your own websites or blogs.

Frank Kitman