Dr. John Henrik Clarke - A Great and Mighty Walk

Fascinating and knowledgeable lecture on the history of african-americans.
John henrik is particularly clear on the historical relationship between traditional north african culture and its eradication through islamic repression.
John Henricks Clarke states:
"The arabs noticing the weakness of the romans in north-africa, began to court the favor of the africans. The africans assumed, that by supporting the arabs, the arabs would get the romans off their back. They were right. The arabs did get the romans off there back. But the arabs replaced the romans on their back. And like most conquerours, they declared war on african culture and african ways of life. The arabs have always been a propagator and defender of slavery. They have always rationalised slavery based on islam."

Description provided by the uploader
This video chronicles the life and times of the noted African-American historian, scholar and Pan-African activist John Henrik Clarke (1915-1998). Both a biography of Clarke himself and an overview of 5,000 years of African history, the film offers a provocative look at the past through the eyes of a leading proponent of an Afrocentric view of history. From ancient Egypt and Africa’s other great empires, Clarke moves through Mediterranean borrowings, the Atlantic slave trade, European colonization, the development of the Pan-African movement, and present-day African-American history.

Frank Kitman