Real Crusades History

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This is a great series and a good companion to the classic
Islamic Crusades Series by Occidental Soapbox
Part 1 How Islamic Atrocities Provoked the Crusades

This video discusses the Islamic violence against Eastern Christians in the Syrian region during the Middle Ages, and how it provoked the Crusades as a defensive response. The idea that the Crusades were an unprovoked act of violence against Islamic civilization is simply nonsense and not historical. This video makes use of several important medieval primary sources from the Middle East, including Aristakes' 11th Century Armenian History, and the Chronicle of Michael the Syrian.

Part 2 The Sins of Saladin During the Crusades
All citations in this video are to be found in:
Arab Historians of the Crusades. Translated by Francesco Gabrieli. New York: Barnes & Noble Books, 1993.

Part 3 Godfrey of Bouillon: A Christian Warrior of the First Crusade
This video deals with Godfrey of Bouillon, one of the great leaders of fhe First Crusade, who led an army of Lotharingian and Walloon knights to the holy land along with his brothers Baldwin and Eustace.

Part 4 Crusader Government was Better than Muslim Government

This video deals with the fact that Christian governments in the Crusader States of the Middle Ages protected the rights of their citizens and engaged in conciliar judicial process, while Muslim governments were despotic and based upon the absolute will of the ruler.

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