Walid Shoebat - The Kingdom of the Anti-christ

Thanks again to exmobro for this 17-part upload
Walid Shoebat makes a very interesting presentation on why he believes that western Bible scholars have got their eschatology wrong by leaving Islam out of the equation. He explains here why he believes that the last kingdom in Daniel's interpretation of King Nebucadnezzar's prophetic dream is none other than the Ottoman Empire, which arose after the fall of the Roman Empire, but has strangely been overlooked by western theologians. Regardless of whether you arrive at the same conclusion as Mr. Shoebat, it is a fascinating study.

- I have occasionally received emails from some atheist readers, disagreeing with the approach of christians and ex-muslim christians, who state that islam is the religion of the anti-christ and Allah is in essence satan himself. I myself am neither christian nor atheist, but an agnostic. Which means, that I believe in my own ignorance on this issue.
What I would like to remind the atheists though is, that Muhammad himself knew the Bible and explicitly defined his religion in opposition to Christianity. And when you read the Koran, you see that this anti-christian trait amounts to no less than a principle in the religion he founded. A bit like in philosophy, where you have first a school of thought asserting that all is matter, before the next one comes along saying that everything is ideas.
In our case Jesus came along and said everything is love and forgiveness, only to have Muhammad come along and say...

Also I have to say, that there might just be some kind of deep psychological neccesity at work in this clash of civilisations, which we simply haven´t realised yet. And at times, I have to admit that I sense some kind of system and momentum, which I cannot specify. However I am quite sure that christianity plays the key role in this system

Frank Kitman