Clash of Civilisations in the Classroom

Thanks a million to Unreinestier for uploading and subtitling this excellent documentary on the coming civil war in germany.
The defeatist attitude of the participating german teachers, children and parents seems to suggest that this war is gonna break out only when the forces has become "equal", ensuring a maximum degree of violence to be settled.
How did politicians fail to see this "growing problem"? Afterall, these very same people, so determined to bring the clash of civilisations to our own cities, are otherwise hysterically alarmist, suggesting every other day, that yet another vital part of capitalist economy is gonna destroy the planet ie. CO2 DDT Nuclear energy, waterdrought, etc. while at the same time seeking to ban on anybody who tries to alert the public to real threats as a thought criminal.
Were they all just innocent "misunderstanders socialism"?

Frank Kitman