Glassbombed in Burnley

"I used to live in no 5 on this street...I had to move because my daughter (13), when she was walking down the road, taking the dog down to the big fields at the end of the road, there was this black car following her... "Oh..come on luv, come on luv"
And what would the police do? Nothing. Not a thing.

- Now I have read about this, it´s called grooming. Now in our country grooming means "combing your hair"...
Not here, here it´s like "rape" or "getting ready for rape"...

- I was there to do a story about the economy ( Burnley was one of the sites for the beginning of the Industrial revolution ) When two ladies walked up and started to tell me the story of how they are constantly harassed by Muslim immigrants.
Within minutes we were surrounded and someone threw several glass quart jars from a building across the road."

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Frank Kitman