Darfur - The Devil Came on Horseback


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Heartbreaking documentary on the genocide in Darfur. It shows how the radical islamic government of Khartoum through a web of lies, alliances and deceit, have succeded in halting and postponing intervention from UN troops to stop the large scale genocide, still going on this very minute. When dealing with these people one should not even listen to what they say, but simply assume that they are practicing the age-old islamic "virtue" of al-taqiyya i.e. lying for the benefit of islam. Among the reasons they succeded in stalling international intervention, was (correct me if I am wrong): 1. Oil deals with china and support from the arab league in the UN 2. Ethnic cleansing of more moderate black muslims, alongside the expulsion and killings of all the non-muslims. This made the ethnic cleansing "unclean" in the eyes of the UN, with evergrowing demands of "evidence" from the arab league, supporting the case for a "clean" ethnic cleansing instead of a "mere" civil war. 3. Arming the paramilitant sadist arab looters of janjaweed, thereby diverting attention from the islamic government as such. This is a typical trick of many islamic and terrorist organisations to avoid blame. It is especially appalling to see how sudanese immigrants even here in the US are plantet at conferences, to shed doubt upon the obvious in order to prevent intervention. If you have the opportunity, please recommend this documentary to your friends and family.

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Update interview with Brian Steidle (thanks jdamn)

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Frank Kitman