Three bullets and a dead child - Pallywood extended

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A remarkable documentary on the Palestinian Authority, Israel and a pivotal moment in the Israeli-Arab conflict; The film is ... a rare and exhaustive investigation into the death of 12 year-old Muhammad al-Dura (or Durrah) at the Netzarim junction in the Gaza strip (September 30, 2000), an event that has been used to promote rage against Israel pertaining the event proves that Israel is cruel, inhuman and evil, and deliberately targeting defenseless children, and on the other hand charges that it's a monumental example for "Pallywood" or the "Jenin Massacre Syndrome", what critics described as, the media's enthusiasm to be manipulated by Palestinians and report staged "facts" despite a more than obvious lack of credibility. by Esther Schapira, ARD Germany Language: English with French subtitles PG-rating: PG-17 (graphic images and topic)
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Frank Kitman