The Milosevic case - Glosses at a trial

Dutch two-part documentary with english subtitles about the kangaroo court trial against Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic was made before late President Milosevic started calling his witnesses. It shows the Prosecution was scrambling to unearth any piece of evidence that would match the accusations leveled against Slobodan Milosevic by the Western propaganda before former Yugoslav president was even indicted. In the absence of any evidence that would back the allegations and false charges against President Milosevic, the Prosecution piled up "witnesses", hundreds of them, hoping the mere repetition of the accusations, even in the form of plain gossip and hearsay, would serve as a proof that the charges must be true.

Documentary "The Milosevic Case -- Glosses at a Trial" also demonstrates the Hague Prosecution witnesses were given written guarantees and unique protections from any future criminal proceedings, that they were often bought and/or threatened and pressured to lie and commit perjury to help NATO convict Serbian political and military leadership, President Milosevic foremost, in order to take all the blame off the Western powers involved in destruction of Yugoslavia and Serbia

back-up of part 2

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Frank Kitman