Jihad for love - french dub


(Once again, thanks to Dmartyr at liveleak!)

Executives at Channel 4 are bracing themselves for a backlash against a programme showing gay and lesbian Muslims.A Jihad for Love will be aired tonight on More 4 and shows gay Muslims kissing, holding hands and discussing getting married.Its director, Parvez Sharma, said: “I have had death threats on my blog after making this film. Some countries have even banned it.“I’ve been called an apostate because Muslims think I have insulted Islam but I think it will open up a debate.” Islamic leaders in the UK have called the documentary offensive, adding it will anger Muslims.” UK Director receives death threats over documentary about gay Muslims og Pink News :Director receives death threats over Channel 4 documentary about gay Muslims. Interview with filmmaker Parvez Sharma fra Democracy Now, min: 18.00

So I re-visit my blog, after a long time-many travels, sold out screenings in eight cities in Holland and the day after the film showed on More4 in the UK to find some new fan mail.I reproduce below. Comment if you wish.

“Parvez Sharma is going to die such a bad death, one that will startle those that dared to support him. Watch out paddy! every Devout Muslim from here to Azerbaijan will be hot on your trails trying to rid you from the face of this earth, we know what you look like so I guess thats a start. If I ever see you and your homo-herd in public I’m going to beat the shit out of you all, I’m going to tie a noose around your bits collectively, tie the other end to the tow bar of my car and drive off leaving off leaving you without your pistols”


Frank Kitman