Jihad and the Effects of Intention


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This Pdf is a well-written inspirational as well as an instructional jihadi-book, full of the God-fearing suras and hate spewing hadiths, we have come to expect from this subgenre of oriental literature. At times it does get a bit depressing though, stressing how hard it is to get into paradise. But this is more than made up for by the suspenseful passages elaborating on the importance of purifying your evil intent toward the people who believe differently or does not yet pay taxes to the Umma while being humiliated.

The book is written by sheikh Abdul Qadir Aziz A.k.a. Muhammad Al Alfi and probably a dozen other names. He is getting into some serious Stevie Wonder-like q´uran recitation here.

The title of the book tells us that it deals with the topic of Jihad and the importance of your intentions while engaging in it, especially with regard to your chances of getting into paradise.
As with many other things related to islam, it is not quite clear how to get into paradise. If for instance a depressed teenager blows himself up in Tel Aviv along with some innocent people, we are often told that he and some 70 family members without further ado are free to indulge in the cellestial delights of the afterlife. According to this book however this is not the case. In fact, our regular suicide bomber might end up in hell instead of paradise if he doesn´t get his motivations and psychological make-up right before he pulls the string.

Roughly speaking, Aziz argues that God is only happy if you are doing it for him alone. You should fight in the path of God so that his words will be the highest. God is upset if his slaves flirt with other Abrahamic Faiths, and he also tends to get very unhappy if they think too much of the earthly riches, especially the war booty. Falling short on these issues could seriously damage the ability of an otherwise succesful killing spree to heap up postmortem delights.

In short, don´t think about:

- a share of the spoils of war
- having your own sex-slaves
- improving your career opportunities
- the pleasures of paradise
- bettering the chances for your family in the afterlife
- other distractions from the pure cause

Keeping an eye on all these things, while fighting the unbelievers makes jihad a very difficult exercise, physically as well as mentally - hence the classic distinction between jihad as an inner and outer struggle. An important part of the small earthly jihad really is the grand inner struggle, in which you constantly remind yourself that you slaughter and abuse the nonbelievers for God alone and at best in the manner he prefers. All the while treating the war booty as something irrelevant.

According to Aziz, these physical and mental circumstances are all-important when it comes to raising your rewards.


Generally speaking, Aziz's exegesis seems to show God to be somewhat Kantian in his ideals. Stressing duty as the purest kind of motivation, and of course raising the word of God to sharia law in the land of Kufr.
However since the intricacies of the "inner struggle" might deter regular mercenaries from joining the cause, a rather simple relation is presented in order for you to know what you have in store. The basic rule being the more earthly war booty you demand the less heavenly pleasures awaits you.


But beware, as the last sentence indicates, you would do good to keep your thoughts on the Lord at least once in a while. Otherwise, hellfire will be awaiting you instead of 72 romances with all kinds of bells and whistles.
This is really an essential task facing a Muslim warrior: Being able to kill and enslave the innocent without all the evil thoughts really surfacing. Constantly clearing his head by sending a good vibe to the creator of the universe.

Frank Kitman