Jamie Glazov - United in Hate

part II

About the Author:

Jamie Glazov holds a Ph.D. in history with specialties in U.S., Russian and Canadian foreign policy. He is the managing editor of Frontpagemag.com.

You can visit Dr. Glazov at Frontpagemag.com.

About the book:

United in Hate crystallizes the danger that a Barack Obama administration, if tilted too far left, presents to American security and global freedom.

As history shows, leftist beliefs have spawned mass carnage and misery. Put into practice, they have caused the deaths of millions. Until now, it has been extremely difficult for rational people who value personal freedom to understand the motivations of those who live in comfort and yet embrace monstrous dictators, ideologies, and policies that leave only death and destruction in their wake.

In United in Hate, Dr. Jamie Glazov presents startling new insights into the toxic beliefs and torturously contorted thought processes of the leftists who lust to destroy the very freedoms that allow them to exist. Glazov explains the Left’s love for and deification of totalitarian ideologies, from Marxism to radical Islam, with clarity and candor.

In this groundbreaking examination, Dr. Glazov at last reveals the vile and morbid forces that impel so-called “progressives” to embrace not just murderous ideologies such as Marxism and radical Islam, but the systematic elimination of all those standing in the way of their new utopia.

Praise for United in Hate by Jamie Glazov:
"Jamie Glazov rolls over left wing intellectual pretensions with a Mack truck that handles like a Porsche.He rounds them up—and when he’s finished, there’s nothing left."--Richard Perle, Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Reagan administration, now a fellow at the American Enterprise Institution.

"A must-read for those who care about truth, the rule of law, and any hope of ultimate stability for humankind. The redefining work for twenty first century readers of an eternal message."--Robert C. McFarlane, National Security Advisor to President Reagan. Chairman and CEO of McFarlane Associates Inc.

"Any leftist who reads this, and has any honesty left in his mind, must recognize himself in this picture and, hopefully, be ashamed."Vladimir Bukovsky, former leading Soviet dissident, author of “To Build a Castle and Judgement in Moscow.”

I was lucky enough to have the author write a guest post - this is what he had to say:

While Michael Moore, Sean Penn, Ted Turner and Noam Chomsky, among others, are trying to ignore Jamie Glazov's stinging indictment of their defense of Islamo-fascism and Muslim brutality, glowing reviews of his "United in Hate: The Left's Romance With Tyranny" continue to pour in.

* President Reagan's national security adviser, Robert C. McFarlane, calls it a "must-read" and "the redefining work for 21st century readers of an eternal message."

* President Reagan's assistant secretary of defense, Richard Perle, says, "Jamie Glazov rolls over left-wing intellectual pretensions with a Mack truck that handles like a Porsche. He rounds them up – and when he's finished, there's nothing left."
* "What draws leftists moth-like toward the annihilating fires of unbridled totalitarianism, or drives them to slavishly worship at the feet of dictators that kick them to the curb when they are considered no longer useful?" asks Ben Furman, the FBI's former counterterrorism chief. "Why does the Left cleave to a radical Islamic terrorism that vows to destroy all non-believers, including them? Dr. Glazov answers these and other 'head scratching' questions in a court-ready presentation of the Left’s mindset that will make forensic psychologists proud."

* Phyllis Chesler, author of "The New Anti-Semitism," writes: "Glazov’s sobering, gripping, and very well written work … should be required reading at every university. Psycho-analysts, many of whom are, themselves, in 'denial,' and left-wing intellectuals everywhere, need to grapple with Glazov’s information and point of view. His subject concerns the survival of the human race and the tragic blood letting that has been done in the name of progressive, even salvational ideology."

* Ronald Radosh, professor emeritus at the City University of New York, writes: "Jamie Glazov’s book is a major contribution to understanding the world we live in today, and the nature of the leftist opposition to those who see the need to confront the terrorists and defend democracy. It is an essential book for our time and as former CIA Director R. James Woolsey writes in his introduction, a 'courageous and illuminating book.' Buy it for your liberal friends, who more than anyone else, need to learn its lessons."

* Alyssa Lappen, former senior fellow at the American Center for Democracy, writes: "This brilliant historian and Ph.D. in U.S., Russian and Canadian foreign policy identifies a sort of psychotic dementia opposed to liberal humanism and the Socratic method."

* Kathy Shaidle, author of "The Tyranny of Nice," writes: "'United in Hate' will remind many of Paul Johnson’s seminal 'Intellectuals.' Reading that 1988 book has been an eye-opening experience for many budding conservatives."

* Ralph Peters of the New York Post writes: "If you've ever wondered at the delight with which academics excuse Islamist terrorists, or at the callousness with which radical feminists ignore the oppression of Muslim women, or at the gushing adulation the Left devoted to the last century's worst butchers, from Stalin to Saddam, 'United In Hate' is the book for you."

* P. David Hornik writes: "This book – concise, pungent, and a fast, addictive read – has all the virtues of a tour-de-force."

* Vasko Kohlmayer, in American Thinker, writes: "It is when shedding light on the underlying mental and emotional pathologies that 'United in Hate' is at its best, for Glazov produces psychological analysis of the highest order."

* Cuban author Humberto Fontova writes: "When an author incorporates the scholarly research with the first-person accounts, we get a gem of a book like this one from Dr. Jamie Glazov."

* Roger L. Simon writes: "Glazov's book 'cooks,' as we used to say in the hard bop era. And it has plenty of information even for a sated information junkie like me who has previously visited several of the centers of tyranny he describes – the Soviet Union, Cuba and the People's Republic of China."

* Andrew Bostom writes: Jamie Glazov’s trenchant, timely analysis 'United in Hate: The Left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror,' elucidates how the contemporary Left – self-professed torch-bearers of 'humanitarianism' – is so afflicted with moral and intellectual idiocy that it promotes, via activism, or apologetics – the genocidal aspirations of totalitarian Islam."

* Robert Spencer, author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam," has this to say: "This superbly enlightening book should be required reading for the American and European policymakers that are not utterly beholden to the Left, for most of them have yet to come to grips with the Islamic supremacist agenda and its totalitarian imperative – which Glazov ably exposes here."
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