Occidental Soapbox - Islamic Crusades Series - intro


Full text of Clinton's speech:

The liberal establishment highlights selected Western sins, and wraps a layer of current events around them to further their political goals. In this series, I will highlight what I believe are the far more horrific episodes in Islamic history that are neglected, marginalized or simply ignored by the media and academic establishment. I will explore the history of Islamic imperialism, Islamic colonialism, Islamic genocide and Islamic crusades; and believe me there is plenty of material to work with.

For those who already see America and the West as positive forces in our world, I hope this will provide you ammunition for arguments with liberal friends. I hope it helps you continue the conversation, when they try to blunt it by citing the wrongs of the Crusades or colonialism to excuse any and all Muslim actions in the present. My purpose here is to put the Crusades in context; as a brutal religiously-inspired conquest of land, yes, but just one among many, most of which were committed in the name of Mohammed rather than Jesus.

For those on the left who bother to hear me out, I hope you treat my testimony about the victims of the Islamic violence with the same seriousness that you treat the stories of Western exploitation that you are so quick to catalog. I believe in the course of this series you will come to understand, as I did, that your apologetics for Islam work directly against the values you claim to promote. That whatever sins the West has committed, the Islamic world has committed them more often and more severely, and that you who strive to tear the edifices of your own civilization down have been allowed to thrive in the West, while your counterparts in the Muslim world are executed, imprisoned, or intimidated into a deep silence.

Frank Kitman