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In this episode the dispatches teams went through the data on convicted gang-rapists and reveal an outragious disproportion of blacks and mixed-race perpetrators.
People have been warning against this fact for years, but mainstream media and politicians have dismissed even condemned these warnings. Under the guise of "fighting rascism" newspapers has more or less willingly avoided any and all accuracy in description of suspects, often letting people in their late twenties pass as "youths".
Any critically minded citizen can see right through the lies and squirming equivocations, and knows that the "fight against racism" is really a fight against public awareness of the unpleasant consequences of their policy of cultural disintegration and social-engineering.
Left-wing politicians simply can not come to terms with the fact that only a very limited part of a society is under the command of government policy, and has never fully realised that law enforcement operate after the fact,and is thus wholly unable to protect its citizents against disorganised criminal gangs and evil minded street-jihadists.

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"In the wake of two recent, high-profile cases in which young women were brutally attacked and raped by groups of young men, journalist Sorious Samura investigates gang rape in the UK.

Using data collected from various sources, including the crown courts, barristers and rape referral centres, Dispatches attempts to discover the extent and cause of the problem. Four young victims describe their traumatic experiences, while Samura also talks to groups of teenagers about their attitudes to sex and relationships. He is appalled to hear what the boys consider to be acceptable sexual activity and the fears expressed by the girls.

While knife crimes and street weapons dominate the agenda on violent crime, Dispatches hears from youth workers, police officers and academics who believe this devastating type of attack requires more attention."
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