Searching for Kosovo's Missing

Searching for Kosovo's Missing: Part 1 from CIR on Vimeo.

This is a series by Michael Montgomery, a fine journalist connected with the Center for investigative reporting. It shows his fruitful investigations into KLA war crimes, the kidnapping of serbian men women and children under the eyes of UN peacekeeping troops.
His material formed the basis of the BBC documentary Crossing Continents, which although speaking up about the KLA war crimes, did not have the courage to adress the massive failure of the UN peacekeepers in this case. It also did not ask the important question as to, how on earth the chief prosecutor at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal in the case against Milosevic, Carla Del Ponte, were allowed to sit on the evidence, while the organharvesting was taking place? This topic was too hot for BBC, who went through great lenghts to uniformly demonize the serbs. How come a tribunal devoted to punishing war crimes, ends up hiding and destroying evidence of the most sadist and sinister war crimes, that took place during the serbian/albanian war?

part II

Searching for Kosovo's Missing: Part 2 from CIR on Vimeo.

Part III

Searching for Kosovo's Missing: Part 3 from CIR on Vimeo.

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