Stolen Children - East timor

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Here is another one of those stories that makes you think twice about the priorities of western media. Apparently around thousand christian east timorese children were kidnapped by the muslims during the Horrifying massacres of the muslim indonesian Pro-integration militia (yes, that is what they call themselves!)in East Timor 1999.
"Mr Kessler said that because the UNHCR could not now work in West Timor, where 120,000 people in the camps are being held virtual hostage, Indonesian aid workers with access were being asked to try to track the families of the children. The UNHCR would also try to trace other parents who had returned to East Timor, Mr Kessler said.

Soni Qodri, a Jakarta-based humanitarian worker and investigator, told The Age that Indonesian non-government organisations believe up to 1000 children have been separated from their parents and brought from East and West Timor to various parts of Indonesia.

"We fear many of them are being mistreated, such as being forced to work in sweatshop factories, plantations and prostitution but evidence is difficult to obtain," he said."

Here is an old article on this horrifying story
EXCLUSIVE: Timor's stolen children abandoned as orphans far from home
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