Armenian Genocide Today

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The eviction and slaughter of over a million Armenians in Anatolia began in 1915. There's little doubt Turkey was behind this massive ethnic cleansing. Yet the Turkish government denies the historical facts.
Almost a century later, any mention of the genocide is still taboo. A law designed to protect 'Turkishness' is used to sue those who challenge the official version. Nobel Prize winning author Orhan Pamuk was sent to prison for speaking out about his country's guilt. More tragically, Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was recently murdered for his efforts to bridge the divide between both people. The father of his alleged killer claims that his son was only led astray "because he loves his country and his nation." Tens of thousands protested against nationalist violence after Dink's murder, but ultra-nationalism is still rife. Turkish MPs consider any hints to the genocide 'insulting' and authorities turn a blind eye to nationalist excesses. The argument over the Armenian genocide stretches beyond Turkey's borders. As the country is a key ally in the Middle East, the US has avoided taking a clear stance on the subject. For the Armenian Foreign Minister, "the sense of tragedy is being exacerbated with every passing day Turkey continues to deny." Although it has caused enough sorrow, this festering hatred keeps claiming lives.

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