Previews: My slave, My Infidel

My Slave, My Infidel is the story of the indigenous non-Arab Sudanese tribes in South Sudan and the western region of Darfur who are victimized by the Sudan government and their illegal militias who abduct slaves in the wake of the terror of Jihad.

Under the guise of civil war, the National Islamic Front government of Sudan declared Islamic Jihad against the infidels South Sudan that was further fueled by the discovery of oil in the borderlands. According to the Q’oran, an element of the Jihad calls for the enslavement of the Infidel. The film tells the story of the people who risked their lives in the midst of Jihad to rescue the slaves while the international community turned its back.

Goda Gadam Mohammed, a Sudanese Arab from the Reizegat Tribe of Darfur (the perpetrator tribe of the Janjiweed and the Murahaleen) followed the Jihad - until his compassion for the victims caused him to turn against the Jihad and his government. Goda’s compelling storytelling from the Arab perspective completes the film’s balance.

Opening in the late 1990’s during the North/South genocidal war, My Slave, My Infidel follows the slavery into the midst of the Darfur Genocide, luring the viewer into the exotic and mysterious world of Sudan, the Biblical Land of Cush.

This production has been 100% funded by AMG Media. Non-profit donations towards the post production expenses are accepted and appreciated through Frontline Foundation, a 501(c)3 under National Heritage Foundation.

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Frank Kitman