Slaves for the Middle east

Explore the diversity of black-, white-, jewish- and arab ethno-centrism.

This is an excellent documentary on the arab-african slavetrade produced by french ARTE dubbed in german and now at last, translated and subtitled into english. The translation is from the hand of VH, who always delivers excellent contributions to the counterjihad internet enlightenment. The subtitles were applied by vladtepesblog which I have already praised innumerous times for their great efforts. Also StopShariaLAw deserves special thanks for insisting that this documentary simply SCREAMS for a wider audience among the english speaking people.

- An instant classic, that belongs up there with all my other cherry-picks, so please take the time to watch it.
This documentary pierces through the whole web of lies and deceit surrounding black slavery. Spread throughout the free world by hostile communist and islamic ideologues. Contemplating the thousands of books dealing with the enslavement of africans is it not peculiar that only a handfull deals with the essential question - "who actually caught and enslaved the free black africans?".
According to this documentary it was in most cases either muslims or black-africans themselves. The europeans mainly bought the slaves from muslims trading their "kafirs" to the highest bidder.
Now, how about that! Why didn´t anybody care to tell us about this?
Contemplating all the Muhammad Alis, Malcolm Xs, black Panthers and the generations of wannabees following in their footsteps, adapting muslim names and carrying an awful grudge against all things white. - Don´t they have a right to know, that their ancestors were actually not "slaves of allah," but rather "slaves of muslims"? Muslim masters, who put them in chains, after killing their family, raping their women, burning and looting their villages. All done in order to fulfill the religious duty to subdue Kafirs in the path of Allah.
- The very same god the black militants of the 70s turned to worship.
The implications are mindboggling

"Even gods fight in vain against ignorance"... Apparently some Gods don´t care to fight it, they feast on it.

Note - HQ playlist of the original german upload. "Sklaven für den Orient" - now removed
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Frank Kitman