Racist Sweden a.k.a Rasist Javisst

Explore the diversity of black-, white-, jewish- and arab ethno-centrism.

Very interesting 10part documentary from 1992 about the clashes between swedish skinheads, anarchists, and immigrants on the day of Carl XII´s death.
It has that fresh feel of direct cinema. It follows and interviews all parties in a very frank and uninhibited way leading up to that inevital moment of confrontaion. It could have been Robert Drew or Pennebaker who made it. Highly recommended!

In spite of what most people think, the swedish national socialists had a big following during the 80s and 90s. Even Ulf Gunnar Ekberg the keyboardist of Ace of Base (who btw. brought out their hit record "Happy Nation" in 1992) used to be skinhead. He had played in a racist punk band with the telling name "Commit Suiside" [sic].
This violent skinhead culture led to a number of govenrment initiatives, which have succesfully kept them off the scene for the last 10 years. However, if you only contain the violent potential of one group of society, you indirectly strengthen and encourage their natural opponents, and in todays sweden the results are obvious, immigrant crime and far left threats and harassments are rampant, without any working policy to counter these developments, there is no saying where things are heading.
Knowing swedish media, you can tell immediately, that they could never make a film like this today... the decisions and the changes they have brought with them are now irreversible. A certain "fearfactor" has now kicked in, which is sure to deny the swedes an adult public debate about their immigration policy for many years to come.
An "unholy alliance" of vile muslim gangs protected from policy-makers by far left anarchists, has been allowed to grow for a surprisingly long time, because media self-censorship guarantees this communist offspring the moral upperhand... In sweden even a traitorous KGB agent, like bestselling author Jan Guillou, is seen as the stern fatherly caretaker of the nation. Not only that, they pay big money to fund films like "ondskan" (Evil), indulging obsessively in this mans strength and character even as a little boy!
I guess they want to make sure that everybody else idolizes the traitor aswell..
But maybe there is some method to the madness: If a patriot per se is judged to be a supporter of Das Dritte Reich, then the traitor naturally becomes the hero.
Welcome to Ripley´s - Believe it or else!

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story & synopsis
In the early 90:s there were several racial confrontations in the Swedish society and several Right Extremist groups swelled their ranks. Each year the rightist groups held demonstrations on the 30th of November the date of the death of an 18th century warrior king Carl XII. This drew great opposition from leftist and liberal demonstrators. Also it was a provocation to many immigrant youngsters who felt intimidated.
The documentary is shot during the whole of 1992 following groups of immigrant youngsters and racist skin-heads alike - culminating in riots on the demonstration day.
the skinheads, the imigrants and everyone inbetween

During 1992, Leon filmed and interviewed young teenagers growing up in the suburbs of Stockholm. Among them were a group of racists expressing their opinions on the swedish immigration policy and criticizing the Swedish government for letting so many immigrants in the country. Swedish rapper Dogge Doggelito (Douglas Leon) and the Nationalist rock band Ultima Thule was interviewed for the film representing the young immigrants in Sweden and their opponents alike. The film shows the conflict between the two sides and how the suburbs of Sweden are split up into gangs, depending on your ethnicity.
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