The KGB Connections

An Investigation Into Soviet Operations in North America.
A great 1982 documentary by Martyn Burke, who recently brought us the very important film Islam vs. islamists (excerpt online)

short IMDB review
Under the radar documentary about KGB operations in the US pre-1982 is a scary little film even in retrospect, since it would seem what the Soviets were doing at the end of the 70's and start of the 80's are now being done by terrorists. Have we learned anything? Clearly not.

This is a great dense little film about what the Soviets were doing here. Its picture of spies running loose and unchecked in America is a frightening one and seems to be the reason that this film has been largely unseen for the better part of the last two decades (why advertise your mistakes?). How infiltrated were we? They talk about the Russian embassy by my house on Long Island and how it existed basically as a means of listening in on phone calls from a major aircraft manufacturing plant and New York City. Not really shocking since everyone in the area suspected it but here's the proof front and center. You don't want to be proved right about somethings. Also front and center are the stories of the soviets flooding the US with spies and attachés (we see pictures and learn their names), as well as their techniques for infiltration. The cold war maybe over but this little baby is very unsettling.

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Frank Kitman