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It is a great pleasure to be able to present the Channel 4 Documentary Qur' an in its entirety - 1h40min. Thanks to nummersjok
The film sparked a lot of debate and was taken to court because the shiits felt their faith portrayed inaccurately. However I believe the reason why this film has been so hard to locate is due to the appearance of none other than Christoph Luxenberg, who gives an interview explaining his syro-aramaic reading of the Quran. The seeds of doubt sown by Luxenberg could proove instrumental in bringing down a muslim world, stonewalling criticisms developed in the west.
Because whereas the sinful life of muhammad, the oppression of women and general injustice of shariah etc make it obvious to westerners that this religion can´t be from God, this is not the case for muslims. And if the debate is only to be conducted on the theological level the muslim is right. The lord moves in mysterious ways, and nothing of this sort can disprove the central claim, that the Quran is the excact word of the creator of the universe as it was conveyed to his messenger.
But Luxenberg has been digging where it hurts the most. Qur'an litterally means the recitation - the recitation of the word of god. But Luxenberg shows, that the words currently recited cannot be the original ones, since many obscure passages makes more sense if you translate them back into syro-aramaic and look for typical errors which could occur in trasferring written aramaic into arabic. This means that the Quran was written down in another language than arabic to begin with. Anyone interested in Christoph Luxenbergs work han read the firsts chapters of his controversial book here: The Syro-aramaic reading of the Koran

The Christoph Luxenberg interview is embedded below

Qur' an - Description from Channel4
The Qur'an has become one of the most ideologically influential texts in the world, but what does it actually say?

This programme asks how a text that inspires peace and tolerance in the vast majority can allow a minority to find justification for violent conflict and terrorism.

Over a billion Muslims believe the Qur'an to be the word of God, revealed to the Prophet Muhammad nearly 1,500 years ago. Yet this one volume, often seen as a unified code for living, is quoted in support of a huge array of attitudes.

In some Islamic states girls are denied the right to an education, and women may not vote or drive - in others women lead political parties. While there are Muslim countries where executions by stoning, hanging and beheading are carried out in public, in others the death penalty has been abolished altogether.

This powerful film asks how - if the Qur'an is the ultimate and changeless message of God - such differences are possible.

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