Monster: A portrait of Stalin in Blood

This is an excellent series, I will be updating the post when I have found the time to finish the later episodes. Thanks to Woodbine for making this material available

This six tape series, produced by Alexandre Ivankin at Contact Studio, Moscow, uses never before released films from the Russian archives and personal interviews to tell the true story of the annihilation of approximately 40 million Russians by Stalin.

* Episode 1: Stalin and Mind Control (MON1) 46 min. Stalin anticipates Germany's Joseph Goebbels in his marshalling of Soviet media to manipulate the minds of his population. All organs of communication are taken under Stalin's control, including painting, sculpture, poetry, theater, cinema and architecture--even opera and ballet.
* Episode 2: Stalin's Secret Police (MON2) 46 min. Stalin's rise to power is attributed largely to his control of the vast secret police complex, known first as the Cheka and eventually as the KGB. At Stalin's direction the secret police becomes the bludgeon with which Stalin enforces his political and personal will, liquidating party rivals, purging the Red Army, and creating in his "gulags" the largest slave labor force since the Pharaohs.
* Episode 3: Stalin and the War (MON3) 46 min. Prior to the start of WWII, Stalin signs a nonaggression pact with Hitler, hoping to buy time and build up his armed forces. His plan backfires when Hitler launches surprise attack "Barbarossa" against the Soviet Union, and his panzers sweep to within 10 kilometers of Moscow. When Stalin issues disastrous orders, the Soviet people, with enormous effort and sacrifice, beat back the German Wehrmacht, and in spite of Stalin's blundering win a great victory.
* Episode 4: The Private Life of Joseph Stalin (MON4) 46 min. Stalin is born of doubtful parenthood and grows up a Marxist and a revolutionary, organizing riots and robbing banks to fund party activities. While Stalin is twice-married, both wives die suspicious deaths, the first of "typhoid" after being kicked in the stomach while pregnant, and the second of "appendicitis" after committing suicide. Stalin then systematically murders or imprisons his many inlaws. Witnesses of these events furnish the horrid details.
* Episode 5: Stalin's Enslavement of Rural Russia (MON5) 46 min. Russia's 40 million farmers resist Stalin's attempt to seize their lands and to collectivize Soviet farming. The result is a virtual war that lasts for years and results in the deaths of 20 million farmers and their families through execution, deliberate starvation and death in the labor camps.
* Episode 6: Stalin...The Last Empire (MON6) 46 min. Stalin is largely responsible for subverting the idealism of the Bolshevik Revolution, which preached a peoples' democracy to a power-hungry system of elitism which ignores the peoples' needs and rewards only the party aristocracy. "Stalinism" does not die with him in 1953 but remains a political legacy that is finally toppled by a determined Soviet people in August 1991.

Stalin an Mind Control
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Stalin´s Secret Police
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Stalin and the War
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Stalins Private Life
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