Nation of Islam - Malcolm X - The real story

Thanks to Jdamn. 4-part playlist - I recommend clicking on to the next video whenever the anoyingly long outro begins

I have no idea how to classify material on Nation of Islam, it is simply so weird and phony I can´t make sense of it.
Is it jihad? is it leftism? is it drugs and dis-info?

A few facts to keep in mind while viewing -
- The people who are and always has been killing, raping, enslaving and even castrating the black africans are the muslims. They are called "Muhammad" "Ali" "Yusuf" and "Jamal".
Secondly, Islam the religion of arab supremacy,  has succesfully cleansed the northern parts of africa from black africans.
And lastly, most of the militant black "civil rights movements" of the 70s - heros of todays left-wing campusses - were either racist black Nazis themselves or great admirers of racist black Nazis.


Frank Kitman