Pim Fotuyn Round-up

Thanks to the crucial work the mysterious V.H. supplying countless invaluable translations for the counter-jihad enlightenment. ALso a big thank you to vladtepesblog for the subtitling and upload.
It is a great pleasure to be able to present more material with Pim Fortuyn in english.
When people debate about the resistance to government imposed islamisation in different countries, they often tend to talk about "the germans" or "the swedes", however in the end it all comes down to a single individual standing up and making the case. In Holland this individual was Pim Fortuyn, in denmark it was Mogens Glistrup, in Norway it is Siv Jensen.
This is the trial run for the English subtitled version of the now famous 1997 debate between Pim Fortuyn and Social Democrat Marcel van Dam, Part I.

Frank Kitman