Wafa Sultan - Memri Series + Complete Legendary Al-jazeera Clash

As some readers might have noticed, I have been working on the toplist tabs lately. However I found myself at a loss, with regard to the very best speech on islam. Don´t get me wrong, there are numerous speeches here which are absolutely remarkable, but I wanted a speech which was kind of "irreplaceable" to head the list - a defining part of history, not just a testimony or analysis of it. Well, this is it!
I used the chance to do a bit of restoration work, and joined the old .flvs to get a solid record of Wafas momentuos contribution to the enlightenment of Allah´s slaves.

The first player contains all Wafas Sultans ingenious Memri rants - 42 minutes all in all. The second player contains a subbed version of the complete "Clash of Civilisations Interview" on Al-Jazeera from which the Memri viral-video was excerptet - 24 minutes.

Frank Kitman