Beyond Torture - Socialist Persecution of Christians

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In communism there were some special prisons which were laboratories - Laboratories in which they believed they could create a communist personality. - When you said "I still believe in God" within five minutes you were full of blood.

One of these laboratories was the gulag of Piteste in Rumania often described by Dumitry Bacu as a place controlled by anti-humans...

This film is an absolutely a remarkable account of the horrors commited in this socialist "re-education" camp, where especially christian priests underwhent the most evil torture and sadist treatments in order to "free" them of their belief in god. The diabolic care and creativity which rests within the planned procedures of depersonalisation shows beyond any doubt that the socialists were using these camps not just to punish dissenters but to develop and refine pavlovian techniques of psychological subjugation.
- This film is highly recommended and will be added to the upcoming toplist on leftism

Dumitry Bacus book The Anti-Humans which detailed the science of torture and despiritualisation applied in the Piteste camp is available on scribd. Unfortunately the foreword to this edition is marred by a  15 page "introduction" of weird zionist conspiracy rants by the editor, which are wholly irrelevant to Bacus account of his experiences in the camp.
The Anti-Humans by Dumitru Bacu About Re-Education in PITESTI ROMANIA Mind Control Horror

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