Gates of Vienna Newsfeed Widget - Pass this along, if you will

I made and maintain this little widget with some handpicked news-items from the AWESOME daily newsfeed found at Gates of Vienna. I always enjoy reading it myself and think it deserves some attention. Sometimes I feel like I have been speedreading 10 blogs after browsing through the dailies from the gates of vienna tipsters - To put it on your own blog or website, simply click on the "Grab this headline animator" - link provided beneath the widget of your preferred size. This will take you to a site asking which platform you use (wordpress, blogger etc). If you want to put it somewhere yourself or need to customise the code - click on "just gimme the code" in the drop down menu. That will give you an HTML code to copy/paste

All the best Frank Kitman

This is the one the baron uses on Gates of Vienna - it is around 180px

This one is around 220px - you can see it in my sidebar aswell


Here is a longer one around 320 as far as I remember - Vladtepes has it up in his sidebar

Gates of Vienna - NewsFeed

I think this one is around 560, but I am not sure - so far no one has that one up

Gates of Vienna - NewsFeed

Frank Kitman