Tortured For Christ - Communist Persecution of Christians

Thanks to Resorville for this upload - he provides the following description from GloriaTV
Richard Wurmbrand (1909-2001) was a Lutheran pastor who lived in Romania and was imprisoned by the communist regime from 1948-1956 and from 1959-1964. He was released in 1964 after western lutherans negotiated and paid a ransom for his release to the west. He went on to become a very strong anti-communist preacher and he testified before the US
congress in 1966, which may have also been around when this interview was filmed.
This experience is one dark example of a shared experience among many christians, (including protestants, orthodox and catholics) who suffered persecution underneath communist rule.
(for those who do not wish to see the whole video, the most interesting highlight starts around 17:50) - All Glory to God
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Frank Kitman