Edits : The Genocide of Souls

I edited and subtitled these horrifying testimonies from the socialist re-education camp in Pitesti, Romania. Here christians were brutally tortured and humiliated in an almost scientific manner. The objective: to make them stop believing in God. (For more information on the Pitesti Camp go here or here)

Hope somebody will keep these voices in mind, the next time they hear the leftist media whine about "religious sensitivities".
The more I think about it, the more I feel compelled to conclude that the socialist persecution of christianity never ended and is still taking place right here in the west. What used to be done through "Black Liturgy", is now simply achieved by the obsessive desire to "refute creationism", cynical smear campaigns and complete media black out on the world wide persecution of christians.
Why? one might ask.
Well, first of all, christians oppose stealing, lying and killing - and that sure is three major reasons for socialists to hate them... since that is pretty much all they themselves have been really good at in the past hundred years.

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Frank Kitman