Cambodia - The Khmer Rouge

draws on unique propaganda film and archival material from the Khmer Rouge, Vietnam and other sources. This is set against the grim realities of the Kampuchean tragedy.

As a continuing theme, the film features exclusive interviews with Prince Sihanouk, who offers explanations for and insights into the role he has played in the fate of his luckless country.

This definitive film study delves to the roots of the conflict, making sense of the madness, the politics and contradictions. It captures the epic spirit and passions of a people when a whole world is overturned.

Independent Australian filmmaker, Jim Gerrand, has produced a fascinating two-part film study of Cambodia/Kampuchea. With clarity and perspective, he brings understanding to the complex tragedy of this devastated nation.

An involvement with Cambodia of more than 20 years has given Gerrand unique insights to the key events before, during and after the country was overwhelmed by internal, regional and super-power conflict.

Jim Gerrand first journeyed extensively in Cambodia in 1967/68. In 1971, he was based in Phnom Pehn covering the war and filming his acclaimed documentary KHMER! KHMER! CAMBODIA IN CONFLICT. Since that time, Gerrand has followed events from every side, recording encounters with leaders, fighters, victims and survivors in all the regimes and factions embroiled in the conflict:

Inside communist Kampuchea under rival regimes.
Inside Pol Pot's guerilla strongholds.
Inside the border camps and resistance bases.
Inside Vietnam and China.

As well as exclusive interviews with Prince Norodom Sihanouk, the pivotal figure in Cambodia's fate.

Gerrand's own film coverage is intercut with rare archival footage from Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge and other Cambodian sources as well as from Vietnam, China, Europe and the USA.
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Frank Kitman