First Comes Saturday then Comes Sunday

Link: first comes saturday then comes sunday

Yet another remarkable film by Pierre Rehov - My personal favorite among directors of counter-jihad documentaries. It contains in depth interviews with Brigitte Gabriel and Bat Yeor among others focusing mainly on the islamisation of Egypt and Libanon.

I planned to write a more extensive post about the reasons behind the media black-out on muslim persecution of christians, but decided to refrain, simply because I cannot explain it.
A lot of it has to do with socialist persecution of christians spilling over into western media because of soviet infiltration and dominance during the cold war, some has to do with the divisions within christianity and maybe even christianity as such. But over-all it simply does not make sense that the slaughter and humiliation of millions of christians remains hidden from the public in the christian countries of the west.
Something very sinister is at play, when the Church of Bethlehem can be shot up and desecrated in urine and excrement by terrorists without much attention from western media.
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Frank Kitman