The Genocide of Souls

In communism there were some special prisons which were laboratories -  Laboratories in which they believed they could create a communist  personality. - When you said "I still believe in God" within five  minutes you were full of blood.
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I edited and subtitled these horrifying testimonies from the socialist re-education camp in Pitesti, Romania. Here Christians were brutally tortured and humiliated in an almost scientific manner. The objective: to make them stop believing in God and country.

I sincerely hope everyone will keep these voices in mind, the next time they hear the leftist media express their new found need to show  respect for "other people's religion."

The more I think about it, the more I feel compelled to conclude that the socialist persecution of Christianity never ended. It is, I'm convinced, still carried out to this day. What used to be done through "Black Liturgy", is now simply achieved by an obsessive desire to "refute" creation by stressing evolution, exaggeration of Catholic propensity to paedophilia, relentless taunting of priests who are unwilling to grant homosexuals holy matrimony, and, last but not least, a complete media black out on the worldwide persecution of Christians.

But where does this deep-seated socialist hatred of Christians come from?

Christianity not only advocates universal peace, love and understanding, it even recommends giving away all your belongings to the poor and needy. Things that on the face of it should sit well with extreme left-wingers. But as we all know by now, leftist revolutionaries were more eager to advocate stealing and promote sex, drugs and "psychedelic" rock than spreading christian values of peace, love and understanding.

This only makes sense if one acknowledges that the revolution so longed for by the radical left, is nothing less than a civil war, out of which the international socialists are to stand victorious.  Christians are, because of their religion less inclined to kill a neighbor because of his income and try the best they can not to covet the belongings of a neighbor at all. This makes Christians bad revolutionaries. They're not angry, vengeful and hateful enough. In short, they are a major obstacle for the coming of the socialist millenia, which in the leftist mind requires a swift and efficient re-education.

The Summer-of-Love-Leftists in the West will of course immediately discard the horrible re-education strategies of the Pitesti camp as the excact opposite of anything they ever stood for. And undoubtedly this will be true. More true than they care to admit.

Because just as  surely as the Empire of Evil would try and inflict terrifying pain on a traitor at home, they would seek to reward him with the most extreme albeit unchristian pleasures abroad.

But to this day few people are willing to admit, that disciplining the socialist realm through torture and slavery, while at the same time promoting destructive hedonism in the free world, was simply the strategic application of the two most basic reinforcements set out in the pavlovian scheme upon which soviet psychological warfare was molded.  Sex, drugs and dis-info for the free, Gulag for the conquered.

The hundreds of hours of interviews  recorded for the Genocide of Souls contain rare insights into one of the  most evil of the laboratories of soviet mind control. Please consider donating to the completion of this crucial documentary.

(For more information on the Pitesti Camp go here or here)
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Frank Kitman