Radowan Karadzic- Opening Statement to International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia

Radowan Kradzic gets into the core of the matter, and the delicacies of fighting a cowardly and deceitful muslim entity adhering strictly to the doctrin of permanent war. Because when you are in the middle of the small tensions leading up to a war it is all-important who did what first. Who initiated aggression, and who applied proper punishment as a reaction to that aggression. However after an all out war, this seems less important and will often be dismissed as "speculative". And this is where the muslim  strategy of incremental but permanent war really shows its advantage. The muslim clergy has been mastering this tactic of war from the beginning and must thus therefore be viewed as having an innate and constant criminal intent.
I have quoted a striking passage below, where he not only touches upon the real stakes for the bosnian serbs, but also shows the presence of true moderate muslims, some of which later fought side by side with the serbs, after seeing through the lies and deceit of Itzetbegovic
Therefore, how is it possible for the Prosecution not to see
that the Serbs accepted everything save for [giving up]100 per cent of Bosnia, which
would brought us back to the Turkish times when we were a docile people,
suffering and trying to preserve their culture through 500 years of
unbearable conditions, and I bow to their destiny, and they all deserve
that we serve them, because this is something inconceivable.
Of course, I have to tell you the Serbs did convert to Islam, but
most often based on an agreement between brothers. Then their
grandchildren would become enemies. Those who were the first to convert
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to Islam were not happy about that, but that's how it happened. The
brother who did not convert to Islam had to suffer, had to endure
pressures and to preserve that, and now it seems that he has to be
betrayed by someone and brought back to where he was before.
I would like to draw to your attention all the appeals that were
sent by prominent Bosniaks to Mr. Izetbegovic for him to change his
policy and his behaviour. Let's start with the Muslim circle, but also
the president of the Socialist Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina. That was
a multi-ethnic party, and it was not oriented nationalist. She wrote
Izetbegovic at the beginning of war and she said:
"You refused to set up a council of nations. You refused the
historic agreement with Serbian people. You refused the Belgrade
initiative. Even during Communism we asked for the Council of Nations
that could have prevented any war. You rejected an historic agreement
with the Serbian people. You refused the Belgrade initiative, and after
the summons for the army, on the 4th of April, you started a bloody war."
She said:
"Immobilise your connections in the Islamic world as well as in
Germany and Vatican so they would diplomatically recognise something that
was erected by using a political violence. We warn you, Mr. Izetbegovic,
that Bosnia-Herzegovina independence will be bloody and tragic."

Radowan Karadzic Opening Statement to International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia

The film shown to the court is "Judgment!" which I embedded below for convienience

And lastly an interesting report on the bosnian jihad against the serb minority
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