The Surge

Understanding the Surge from ISW on Vimeo.
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The Surge: the Untold Story is the only documentary of its kind offering audiences a look into the real story of the Surge in Iraq, as told by top U.S. military commanders. These never-before-seen interviews move beyond Washington politics to tell the ground truth of a failing mission transformed into one of the most successful military operations in a generation of war fighting. This documentary honors the sacrifice, courage and ingenuity of military members in nearly impossible circumstances.
“A grant from the National Philanthropic Trust was provided to the ISW at the recommendation of Ambassador Marilyn Ware. This documentary was proposed and generously funded by Ambassador (retired) Marilyn Ware to recognize the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, the Department of State and Iraq. Their vision, courage and sacrifice during the Surge helped improve the life of Iraq’s citizens by establishing the security needed for Iraq’s democratically elected leaders to govern.”
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