Brave One

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The day that radio essayist Erica Bain selects wedding invitations, her fiancé is murdered and she brutally assaulted while walking their dog in Central Park. Upon release from hospital, she buys an illegal handgun. When she witnesses a shooting in a convenience store and is stalked by the killer, she kills in self-defense but flees the scene. More incidents follow that she could have avoided. She walks the night streets a vigilante, a stranger to herself. A detective, Mercer, notices her and becomes her friend as he hunts for the killer. How long before he figures it out? Meanwhile, the methods of the police start to pay off in finding her fiancé's killers.

update... seems like youku embeds aren´t allowed...
Update 2 : In fact it seems as if even links are being cancelled as "403 forbidden"
here is a tinyurl, lets see if this works to the whole film
Update 3: well, now even indirect linking is being cancelled.... hhmm. You will need to copy paste the tinyurl into your browsers adressbar, then it works..

It is Streaming from korea... might wanna press play and pause, and then let it load for 5-10 minutes before actually watching it


Frank Kitman