Death In the Med - What Really Happened on that Ship to Gaza? BBC

Anti-Israel groups outraged at ‘racist’ documentary; plan protests .In Death in the Med, the BBC’s flagship documentary series Panorama examined the ill-fated Israeli interception of the Mavi Marmara, the only ship from the Free Gaza flotilla which saw confrontation between activists and Israeli troops. The half-hour program had exclusive access to the Israeli navy unit that took part in the raid and interviewed a number of the commandos, as well as members of the Free Gaza group and the IHH movement that organized the flotilla. Using previously unseen video footage from the IDF and confiscated passenger tapes, mostly recorded by members of a group called Cultures of Resistance, the program concluded that the main aim of the activists had not been to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza, but rather to orchestrate a political act designed to put pressure on Israel and the international community. The program also concluded that the Israeli commandos encountered a violent, premeditated attack by a hardcore group of activists organized by IHH members.

“Scheduling the broadcast during the evening in the first week of Ramadan, when many Muslim viewers were unlikely to be watching because they would be breaking their fast, [was unfair],” she said. BBC’s flotilla film slammed as ‘biased’

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