Bill Lind on Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism

Remarkable C-span event from 1998 - runs for about 2 hours (actually 4, but 2 of them has no audio).
For the whole thing go here...

In a symposium on "Academic Freedom: Diversity or Conformity," various speakers criticized "political correctness" in college teaching. Topics included feminism, homosexuality, media, and racism. 

Includes contributions from Reed Irving, the founder of Accuracy in Media who speaks about his organisation, which btw is well represented here at Kitman TV, go here or here
 Peter Labarbera speaking on the Lambda "Report on Homosexuality"

and Christina Hoff Sommers author of "Who stole feminism", has some interesting points, but seems abit uneasy about her new found friends.... Especially the absolute star of the event, Bill Lind.

Bill Lind who produced the excellent "History of Political Correctness" makes a great lecture on cultural marxism starting at 1h25m but I have embeded it below for convenience


Part II

Part III
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