The Search For Animal Farm

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This is the first film in a series of documentaries I will be posting on the sexual revolution. I have posted a couple of films on this already, but have now decided to expand on the topic although it without a doubt will take us all to a deep dark place of socialist horrors - disguised as as do-good "idealism".
Very few people realise that the beginnings of the sexual revolution was in fact a socialist engineered attack on the morality of the free world. This is surprising because, to be honest it does not take a genious to figure out, what constant stories of rampant partying, infidelity and group sex orgies at home does to a soldier´s fighting spirit. It would therefore be bordering on stupidity NOT to assume that the evil empire would try to promote widespread hedonism in enemy lands, in order to weaken the moral of the troops. After all, apart from general confusion and distraction, the really Grand Prix of military psychology is the stimulation of a fear in the soldiers mind, that wife or fiancee is betraying him at home, while he is out there risking his life for God and Country, Freedom and Democracy.
A vital part of this socialist scheme was of course the drugs and partying, but the need to do away with the obscenity laws was also extremely important for the succesful promotion of hedonism. Like so many other socialist schemes this was best done through "supreme" courts, surprisingly incapabel of grasping the straight forward difference between obscene speech and expression as opposed to photographic recordings of obscene behaviour . To state the obvious: unlike photographic recordings of real events, speech and artistic expression through painting or sculpturing does not require the actual enaction of the events. Painting or talking about young girls engaged in bestiality, does not hurt any young girls or animals, whereas paying young girls for performing bestiality in front of a camera usually does.
This fundamental difference between doing things and expressing things, was obviously too hard to grasp for the supreme justices and all of a sudden photography and movies were to be treated as "speech" protected by the constitution. I often challenge people who defend this nonsense, by asking them to give me some examples of the most marvelous and enlightening speech-acts emanating from the millions of porn movies produced ever since... Is it the "Ah!" or is it the "Oh!"?

The above film deals with the early danish porn film entitled "Summersday", shot by a famous danish porn "pioneer" called Ole Ege. It starred Bodil Joensen having sex with the aniamals at her farm, and soon adopted the much more suiting title "Animal Farm". The film won 1. Prize at the very first "Wet Dreams Festival" shortly after its release in Holland. This festival was an a huge international "succes" which generated an immense amount of controversy and interest, and was ultimately the real reason Animal Farm came to be so widely distributed.

The jury consisted of Germaine Greer, a selfdescribed anarchist Communist
Richard Neville (Oz Magazine a popular active measures mix-genre "humor/revolt/obscenity", aiming at the unsuspecting youth. Also convicted numerous times for obscenity and became famous because he had "the longest obscenity trial, ever". Somehow he always got away through appeals

Celebrity Al Goldstein who hardly needs any introduction was also in the jury, along with other subversives.

They of course praised the film for its "beautiful and unprejudiced display of polymorpheus libido"...

I have included a short description of Bodil Joensens life after she became a postergirl for sexual "liberation"
"By the early 70s she had managed to achieve her goal of living on her own farm, along with her companion or partner[3] Knud Andersen and her daughter (born circa 1972[4]), which she helped finance by allowing sex tourists to visit and make private films with her animals.

Friends comment about that time[1] that she was "easily exploited by almost anyone with a camera" and that the visitors "just wanted pornography, they didn't care about knowing her". Neighbours, once friendly, turned dark and hostile, forced her to move repeatedly. As the Danish adult industry began looking to other content, Bodil failed to make the transition from porn to other movies, and her financial stability and life began to fall apart. After 1972[citation needed], she experienced a sharp deterioration, undergoing very obvious physical and psychological changes, including depression, first working as a "live show" and "sexual roleplay" girl. By 1980, with little remaining means of income and spiralling debt, the only work she was able to retain was a hectic routine of small scale live shows most evenings. Tajiri commented, sadly, that "Accepting the 'Grand Prix' at the first Wet Dream Film Festival was the worst mistake we made with our film, but we were too flattered by the response at the time to realize it."[2]

Bodil commented in a 1980 interview:
“ Things went completely out of hand when 'Spot' died. I started taking sedatives. But when someone referred to them as 'loony-smarties' I threw them in the fireplace. Instead I started drinking and eating excessively. I gained 30 kilos. Doesn't look well on something that was going downhill anyway. 'Spot' was a real german shepherd that I got from an animals hospital 10 years ago. She had been beaten. She never became anything but a little, weak dog. I've never been able to talk to other girls. I've always been with men. 'Spot' was my female friend. She understood what I said. Was happy when I was happy. Was sad when I was. When we were alone in the house without light and heat we went to bed together. Shared a biscuit. And then we talked, until we fell asleep. 'Spot' is the only living creature that has loved me for being just me. She didn't expect to get anything back. She soothed me when I was ill. I've experienced a lot with 'Lassie', and like him a lot. But it'll never be the same as with 'Spot'. Lassie has been unfaithful to me. He's an every-girls-dog. 'Spot' was mine. Completely mine. That's why I had such a shock when she died. And started drinking, and eating myself fat in no time. I live with my man for 10 years and my eight year old daughter. Still I feel like the loneliest human being now that 'Spot' is dead. In those days I earned easy money in a tough line of work. I fell and fell. 'When will I reach the bottom?' I often ask myself these days. ”

Her life falling apart, she became dependent on alcohol, and progressively less able to care for her animals. In 1981, following a change in Denmark's laws, she was raided for "sickening" animal neglect,[6] and went to prison for 30 days. Not one of her animals ultimately survived, and Bodil herself did not recover from seeing them euthanised. With little left, she turned to street prostitution to support herself, her partner (an alcoholic himself) and daughter, although friends comment[1] that even then, she did not want to be with people this way – all she wanted was her animals, as it once had been. Resorting to exchanging any sexual favour for alcohol and tranquillisers, she stated in her final interview that "in my position it is hard to turn down anything, no matter how disgusting... for me, staying alive in the hooking business is hell"
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