The Story of David Reimer - Dr. Money and The Boy with no Penis

Big Thank you to vladtepes for alerting me to the torturous human experimentation of Dr.John Money. And thanks to JaYnEsAyZ for uploading this documentary on David Reimer, a victim of the sexual revolution.

This film is so dense with the most sickening aspects of socialist revolutionary assault on natural human sexuality, that I don´t know where to begin.
To set the tone, I would like to quote the intro speak of the BBC version of the material contained in the above documentary (My emphasis):
This is the story of a boy whos penis was burned off. As a result David Reimer was raised as a girl, for the first 14 years of his life [...] It is also the story of the psychologist who treated him. A man with a radical theory about what makes us male and female, masculine and feminine.

"He is brilliant! I think John is a brilliant man. I think he is one of a handful of the most brilliant people I have ever met"
Together they helped form one of the most famous theories of modern psychology: That a boy, any boy could be raised as a girl but the experiment went terribly wrong
"I was told I was a girl. I didn´t like dressing like a girl. I didn´t like behaving like a girl. I didn´t like acting like a girl. I am not a professor or anything, but you don´t wake up one morning deciding you are a boy or a girl... you just know"

In the end, the scientist reputation would be shattered, and David Reimer and his twin brother would die tragically. - Tonight Horizon tells a cautionary tale about how science in a bid to proove a beautiful theory, can at times ignore the ugly facts, at dreadful human costs"

Lets try and spell out the actual events behind this horrifying piece of BBC mental massage:
The penis of one of two twin baby boys is mutilated beyond repair during circumcision, presumeably by accident. A psychologist sees a potential human guinney pig for his perverted and unsubstantiated theories about gender being nothing but a cultural phenomena and goes to work in an all out psychological Dr. Mengele style operation. The poor innocent boy is forced to act and look like a girl, has long sessions with the doctor, who tries to convince him of the very same theory in increasingly desperate attempts to make him deliver on his ideologically motivated conclusions. He even makes the two twin brothers engage in sexual activity with him as "observer" and "coach" in what must have been a novelty even within the sick world of the Kinsey institute. 

But what was the premise of Dr. Moneys whole psychological inferno sold off as "brilliant and beautiful" treatment" above? The unshakeable premise of this experimentum crucis of sexual liberation was: "They can never know the truth".

Eventually they were told and after learning about the cruel setup behind their ordeal, the twins understandably sank into unescapeabel  sadness and  sheer madness and ended up taking their own lives.

Dr. Money however, insisted that the experiment was a huge success, and to this day all the crap taught in "gender studies departments" feed off and advocate the nightmare that was forced upon David Reimer and his brother.
Leftist intellectuals has always had only two objectives in mind:
- Suggest that the natural is really cultural
- Make the counter-intuitive seem intuitive

And I would like to urge all readers to keep David Reimers story in mind, whenever they need to picture, what the world is like if leftist theories are taken litterally.

Highly Recommended!
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Frank Kitman