Overdose - The Next Financial Crisis

Found it at Drokles´ place and thanks to Chooze for the upload
In times of crisis people seek strong leaders and simple solutions. But what happens when their solutions are identical to the mistakes that caused the very crisis?

'Overdose' is the story of the greatest economic crisis of our age - the one that awaits us.

The documentary traces the origins of the financial crisis and explores the eerie similarities with today's situation, where states like Greece, Iceland and even the U.S. seems to be in danger of collapsing.

Among those interviewed are experts who were mocked when they predicted the current crisis. Other interviewees include Nobel laureate Vernon Smith and former US Comptroller General David Walker (I.O.U.S.A).

The film is shot in the U.S., Sweden and Germany and makes extensive use of music, archive footage and graphics

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Frank Kitman