Pia Kjaersgaard to the Rescue!

"Tell me, where does this abysmal self-hatred come from?
- As if the swedes had anything to be ashamed of"

It is a real pleasure to be able to introduce the queen of european counter-jihad to an international audience.
Pia Kjaersgaard was originally a part of the danish "fremskridstparti", which was both libertarian and opposed to muslim immigration in all its forms. In fact its cotroversial leader Mogens Glistrup not only wrote up a bill, already in the nineties, which was to make Denmark "a Mohammadan-free Zone", he also called for the replacement of the welfare state with "porridge machines on the street". I suspect Pia Kjærsgaard got a bit tired of Glistrups radical and provocative statements and might have begun to views them as somewhat counter-productive in the long run. She thus changed the political profile, when she in 1995 broke with "Fremskridstpartiet" and founded the Danish Peoples Party. She adapted certain elements of social democratic policy, especially the care for the sick and elderly and insisted on furthering the interest of the danish working-class and thus maintained a strong stance against EU and rampant 3-world immigration.
This became the recipe for defeating a social-democratic party engaged in the most appaling betrayal of their working-class electorate.
The danish Peaoples Party has formed the parliamentary basis for the somewhat conservative government in Denmark since 2002. But in sweden they still have not taken this important step into grown-up politics and are still basically fumbling around in the idealist madness of the 80s and 90s. With a political elite enforcing acceptance of the replacement of swedes with muslim immigrants. And a zero-tolerance policy towards people having a hard time envisaging the long term advantages of this

However the swedish election is only a week a way, and with a bit of luck the Sweden Democrats - to whom Pia Kjaersgaard is speaking at the event- could get quite a few seats in Parliament. This could mean slightly "danish conditions"s in an otherwise teriby balkanised sweden. Let´s hope for the best

Geert Wilders also molded the PVV on the succesful profile of the Danish Peoples Party and there is no doubt that this brave woman is one of his Heroines.

Highly Recommended!

Thanks A bunch to Markus Ketolainen for supplying footage and Marlen Jensen for the translations for me to subtitle.
I also subtitled the political ad she mentions in her speech.
Embedded below for convienience.
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Frank Kitman