Anthropological study "Pashtun Sexuality" - Homosexual Paedophilia a Sharia Loophole

Pashtun Sexuality

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This is what Debbie Schussel Wrote in her review

You must watch this video of last nights "Frontline"on this.  It will blow your mind.  Even though I knew about this stuff, it blew mine–the brazen statements and excuses for raping young kids.  They even have a brazen name for it:  “Bacha Bazi” or “Boy Play.”  FINALLY, PBS a/k/a Palestinian Broadcasting Service did something right!  I commend producer Jamie Doran for making this film.  But I have the utmost respect for the courageous Afghan journalist in exile, Najibullah Quraishi, for having the bravery and guts to do this, even though it surely puts a death sentence on him.  Why are our soldiers there?  Why are they dying for these people who pimp out their kids, their nephews for gang rape?  When Muslims do this to their own, no-one cares.  When Israelis build a few apartments on their own land, that’s cause for outrage.
Here are some previews followed by my summary of some of the disturbing stuff, Afghan police and government officials all in on the slavery and pimping of young boys for sex, and many of them admitting they like to have sex with these kids.
An Afghan warlord, Mestri, says that he “kept” a boy for sodomy and other forms of sex because “all of the others commanders have one, and I have to compete.” Even more sickening is his statement that, unlike the others, he actually asked his wife if it was okay to own a boy sex slave because “I’m a cultured person.” Yeah, that’s high culture: getting your wife’s permission before you own a young boy whom you’ll sodomize every night. Nauseating. But these are the people we are fighting for in Afghanistan. Yay!

Frank Kitman