Lord Christopher Monckton - On the New World Order

Milestone Interview with Lord Christopher Monckton explaining his views on the "New World Order". To him it is refreshingly clear, that NWO is a communist conspiracy, entertained by the international left and the left-overs of the Evil Empire. If you stumble on films who go through a lot of trouble to convince you that NWO is an essentially capitalist conspiracy, you should in my oppinion regard this as dis-info.
From part 5
But I need to come back finally, to the way I have used the word "communistic" quite frequently in this interview. I could go back to the communist manifesto and what it says is, that they want a world government. They want an international socialist administration. They want the commanding heights of the economy to be controlled by this communist administration. They do not want freedom, they do not want democracy. All of these things are not in the communist manifesto. So what is being proposed is very close to what Marx and Engels in the communist manifesto 100 years ago . That plan is essentially still being followed...

Frank Kitman