Coptic Persecution: "Second Class Citizens"

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Brilliant new documentary from Swiss television detailing the sadist persecution of christians in Egypt!
The apartheid in Egypt of course makes the South-african seem like disneyland.

Furthermore this documentary is also rich on examples on what seems to amount no less than a  return to the Devshirme tax on dhimmis. Father Mathias reports 160 abductions of christian girls, within this year alone. The authorities know where the girls are, but refuses to pursue the cases because its only fair that such a thing happen to "fillthy kuffaar" - Thus leaving the coptic families childless in the sewage they have been forced to live in.

-Of course there is no human rights issue here, everything is running in strict accordance with the Cairo declaration of human rights.

- No news in the MSM either

Lastly, I cannot help but find it interesting that none of the 20 million muslims living in Europe, who knew about christian persecution, cared to tell us...
Preferring instead to whine about how they themselves are being discriminated against.
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Frank Kitman