Cannibalism and State-Controlled Famines In Socialist Countries

Interesting paper on one of the issues mainstream media are reluctant to pick up on, namely the correlation of socialism, wealth-redistribution, state-controlled famines and widespread cannibalism.
The first part of the paper deals with Cannibalism in the ever-present slave-labour camps on which socialist countries rely. It also tells the horrifying stories of massive scale cannibalism during the large-scale state-imposed famines of the Holodomor and "the Great Leap Forward"
The second part includes surprising reports on cannibalism during Mao´s cultural revolution, in the summer of ´68, which apparently had no relation to starvation. (quoted below).
I guess the hippies now running the mainstream media are somewhat embarrassed by the fact that while they were dancing around butt-naked, showing off their copy of "Mao´s Little Red Book", Maoist revolutionaries were literally feasting on the "class enemies", in "Human Flesh Banquets" on the other side of the globe. On the other hand, hippies are hardly ever embarrassed by anything, so it is probably more accurat to assume, that they simply find it inconvenient to explain, why the utopia of the socialist revolutionaries, when implemented, almost always ends up in thousands of mothers forced to eat their own children.

In spite of death tolls far exceeding the national-socialist holocaust, information on these international-socialist cruelties is scarce to say the least. So, any tips on additional material are most welcomed.
In the course of the eleven days between July 26 and August 6,
in Binyang County alone, 3,681 were beaten to death. During the previous two years of the Cultural revolution "only" sixty-eight suffered death. In consequence of this frenzy killing, around 100,000 people lost their lives in the southern province of Guangxi. Communist party leadership was in the forefront of this campaign of brutality through the "model demonstrations of killings."
They wanted to show to the masses how to apply maximum cruelty to the prospective victims. This became a widespread forced massacres, which culminated in "obligatory cannibalism." This process began with the accusation and denunciation of the selected "class enemies," continued with their bludgeoning and dismembering, and ended with their partial consumption. After having been bludgeoned to death, some of their organs—their hearts, livers, and occasionally their genitals were cut out, sometimes even before the victims died. Then these body parts were cooked and eaten by the assembled dignitaries in what were labeled"human flesh banquets.'"**'These "banquets" were particularly widespread in the Province of Guangxi, where even the minor children of the former ruling classes were tortured and killed. As an example, a sixty-eight-year-old peasant caught the minor son of the former landlord, slit his chest open in front of everyone, and watched the boy die in agony. When questions about
his deed by an investigating reporter, he boastfully declared: "Yes, I killed him.... The person I killed is an enemy.... Ha, ha! I make revolution, and my heart is red! Didn't Chairman Mao say: 'It's either we kill them, or they kill us?' You die and I live, this is class struggle!'"


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Frank Kitman